Friday, May 29, 2009

Valtrex is good to take if you are pregnant

Valtrex has been studied in depth for some time. This is a program of drug acyclovir, which has stood for over thirty years. Valtrex Aciclovir is absorbed in the body that allows more of the drug in your system over time (which is why you are Taking Valtrex less often than acyclovir). Although not officially tested for use during pregnancy is considered safe for use during pregnancy because it is a Class B drug There was something of a study on the correlation between pregnant women and Valtrex where about 1000 women were followed. The results showed that the number of defects in this group was considered the same as for women who do not take drugs.

If you have herpes, is generally recommended to take Valtrex or acyclovir at least during the last weeks of pregnancy. This will prevent an outbreak during delivery. However, antibodies are still in your baby. During the last weeks of pregnancy, your baby is less likely to suffer adverse effects of medications you can take. This does not mean you should not weigh their options and make their own decisions.

Antiviral is completely different from not only antibiotics and causing havoc in the body can be an antibiotic. Valtrex / acyclovir herpes specifically imitating a substance that the virus needs to reproduce. When the virus taking antiviral drugs, antiviral drugs are in the form of viruses capable of replication. The substance Valtrex / Acyclovir is not imitation of a substance your body needs so your body does not tend to react to the drug now.

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